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Carolina Spring Circuit

horse shows like they used to be...

Aiken Spring Classic Circuit Champion History Daily Highlights During the Circuit

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April 6 - 9

Camden Spring Classic

USEF National

Prize List Entry Form Schedule

• $5,000 USHJA National Derby

SC Equine Park
Camden, SC

April 13-15
(Thursday - Saturday due to Easter)

PSJ Camden Spring

PSJ Show

Prize List Entry Form Schedule

April 19 - 23

Aiken Spring Classic Masters

USEF Premier

Prize List Entry Form Schedule

April 26 - 30

Aiken Spring Classic Finale

USEF Premier

Prize List Entry Form Schedule

Original 2017 Artwork Credit:
Georgianna Conger-Wolcott : Conger Sporting Art
Sarah Tennant Thompson & Carignan

Masters Week Features:

• $15,000 USHJA International Derby
• $25,000 Grand Prix
• Aiken Young Jumper Championship Classes (Finals at Aiken Spring Classic Finale)

Finale Week Features:

• Mary Ann Parmelee Excellence in Equitation Championship Finals
• $25,000 Grand Prix
• Aiken Young Jumper Championship Finals

Recommended Aiken Hotels

We recommend these hotels that support our shows! Call early for reservations and ask for the horse show rate!

Aiken Host Hotels

The Inn at Houndslake
897 Houndslake Dr
Aiken, SC 29803
(803) 648-9535 (Pet Friendly)


Magnolia Shadows
Equestrian Resort Bed & Breakfast
595 Engineer Road
Ridge Spring, Aiken County
SC 29129
(803) 522-1226

Aiken Contributing Hotels

Hotel Aiken
(803) 648-4265

Days Inn Downtown
(803) 649-5524 (Pet Friendly)

Clarion Inn
(803) 648-0999 (Pet Friendly)

Quality Inn & Suites
(803) 641-1100 (Pet Friendly)

2016 Aiken Spring Classic Circuit Champions

Adult Amateur Hunter
Hollister, Alexandra McReady

Adult Jumper
Ulises Car, Caroline Williamson

Amateur Owner Hunter
Posh, Cawthra Burns

Best Child Rider on a Horse
Madison Syfert

Best Child Rider on a Pony
Celia Cram

Children’s Hunter
Grandeur, Madison Syfert

Children’s Jumper
Bilbo Baggins, Anna Claire Smith

Efficient Barn Award
Fairy Tale Farms, Jaimee Rosenthal

Finale Grand Prix
Cord 11, Meco Equestrian

Grand Hunter
Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms

Grand Prix Style Award
Fabio Andres Rodriguez

Green Hunter
Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms

Green Pony Hunter
Foxmor Wigglesworth, GC Ponies

Hunter Style Award
Christina Jason

Junior/Amateur Jumper
Limboy Von Warrenburg, Nestledown Equine

Junior Hunter
Nekton, Stella Martin

Leading Hunter Rider
Megan Rosenthal

Mary Ann Parmelee Compassion for Animals
Megan Rosenthal

Pony Hunter
Bazinga, Elizabeth Cram

Pre-Green Hunter
Confidant, Grace Angelino

Wendy Arndt

Young Jumper Championship
Leonardo RGS, Page Brook Farm & Fabio Rodriguez

Aiken Spring Classic Circuit Champion History

We appreciate all the support throughout the circuit's history and recognize the horses, owners and sponsors below!
Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a circuit trophy - 803-649-3505 or

Green Hunter (1st & 2nd Year)
Proud to be Here Trophy
2000-Five Star, Tina Lockhart
2001-Clarendon, Elizabeth Fauntleroy
2002-Mysterious, Jean Conrad
2003-Jericho, Christine Thiel
2004-Go Far, Missy Nolan
2005-Always Hope, Bruce Duchossois
2006-Remedy, Margaret Edge
2007-Princeton, Olyvia Graves
2008-Luigi, Elizabeth Towell Boyd
2009-Formality, Sandy Gregory
2010-Fonteyn HF, Elizabeth Devor
2011-Sunday Morning, Neill Sites
2012-Zazou, Doreen Toben
2013-Too Cool, Addyson Byrd
2014-Checklist, DSJ Stables
2015-Ajax, Emma Wilson
2016-Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms

Confirmation Hunter (Green & Regular)
BJ's Hunt Room Perpetual Trophy
Donated by BJ Meeks
2006-Chairman of the Board, Helen Milner
2007-Ashton, Alise Oken
2008-Torch Song, Molly Crosland
2009-Tasty, Showcase Limited
2010-Marquis, Lee Cesery
2011-Crown & Scepter, Larry Glefke
2012-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2015-Sterling, Pony Lane Farm

Amateur Owner Hunter
The Gallop Perpetual Trophy
2000-Most Wanted, Ann E Rice
2001-Icee Waters, Cindy Ross
2002-Prevail, Sara McEachern
2003-Easy Company, Allison Felker
2004-Godsend, Amy Wilson
2005-Gershwin, Kimberly Quinn
2006-Hpnotiq, Caroline Willard
2007-Spellbound, Caroline Willard
2008-Cologne, Donald Graves
2009-Scout, Caroline Clark Morrison
2010-Issac, Sarah Ward
2011-Good Thing, Carole O’Brien
2012-O.C., Kaitlin Porath
2013-O.C., Kaitlin Porath
2014-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2015-Sail On, Kimberley Quinn
2016-Posh, Cawthra Burns

Adult Amateur Hunter
Charles Wilson Memorial Trophy
Donated by Mr & Mrs CC Mills
1999-Titian, Ainsley Sadlow
2000-Wind Walker, Christy Craver
2001-Plusser, Bruce Duchossois
2002-Que Sera, Bruce Duchossois
2003-Dutton, Bruce Duchossois
2004-Amalia, Marion Connor
2005-Regall, Bruce Duchossois
2006-Roy Hobbs, Caroline Willard
2007-Channel Crossing, Liane Ziel
2008-Copper Canyon, Eileen Fontaine
2009-Steel My Heart, Ann Linberger
2010-Cadbury, Polly Cooley
2011-Zydeco, Mimi Broadwell
2012-Good Thing, Carole O'Brien
2013-Springsteen, Alexandra McReady
2014-Springsteen, CDS Stables
2015-London T, Mary Guynn
2016-Hollister, Alexandra McReady

The Doug Early Memorial
Donated by his Friends
2003-Mike Rosser
2004-Bruce Christison
2005-Danny Robertshaw
2006-Julie Curtin
2007-Stacie Shepski
2008-Casey Hodges
2009-Jenny Miller
2010-Elena Portu
2011-Christina Schlusemeyer
2012-Crawford Anderson
2013-Caroline Passarelli
2014-Erin McGuire
2015-Susan Horn
2016-Wendy Arndt

Leading Hunter Rider
The Ramblewood Trophy
Donated by Paul & Phyllis Rosen
2005-Havens Schatt
2006-Terry Brown
2007-Liza Towell Boyd
2008-Liza Towell Boyd
2009-Terry Brown
2010-Harold Chopping
2011-Daniel Geitner
2012-Liza Towell Boyd
2013-Liza Towell Boyd
2014-Daniel Geitner
2015-Liza Towell Boyd
2016-Megan Rosenthal

Green Pony Hunter
CC Mills Perpetual Memorial Trophy
Donated by Sandra Thomas
2006-About Face, Sarah Bryan
2007-Lexington, Cheryl Estee
2008-Southern Skye, Alexa Boggio
2009-Orchard Hills Double Take, Megan Rosenthal
2010-Katydid Kissme, Katrina Becker
2011-Brilliant, Robin Hughes
2012-Bracewoods McDreamy, Helen Ulrich
2013-Mudpie, Quinn Larimer
2014-Bazinga, Celia Cram
2015-Royal Moment, Maddie Stiles
2016-Foxmor Wigglesworth, GC Ponies

Pony Hunter
Farnley Love Child Trophy
Donated by Sandra Thomas
2000-Keston's Tribune, Jennifer Davis
2001-Austintacious, Alexandra Skiffington
2002-Lisiter Clever Star, Brittany Warden
2003-Lisiter Clever Star, Brittany Warden
2004-Hillcrest Blue Wishes, Renee huesca
2005-Millpond Sugar & Spice, Elizabeth Butterworth
2006-Lands End Mad Hatter, Alise Oken
2007-Just Peachy, Katie Dawson
2008-Hi Lite, Lucille Oken
2009-Promise, Lucille Oken
2010-Court Jester, Mackenzie McGehee
2011-Gayfields American Idol, CMJ LLC
2012-Little Black Pearl, Caroline Passarelli
2013-Little Black Pearl, Caroline Passarelli
2014-Little Black Pearl, Caroline Passarelli
2015-Spiderman, Abigail Holloway
2016-Bazinga, Elizabeth Cram

Junior/Amateur Jumper
The Cram Family Trophy
2002-WP Cadbury, Dr. M. Nixon Ellis
2003-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2004-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2005-Gepardieu, Dr. M. Nixon Ellis
2006-South Wind, Elizabeth Gayford
2007-Loughnatousa Bono Vox, Con Brio Farms
2008-That's Hot, Ashley Ann Mc Gehee
2009-Annismindes Caesar, Still Creek Farm
2010-Saladin, Mary Antonini
2011-Saladin, Mary Antonini
2012-Rumours, Shannon McGrath
2013-Kasarr, Erin McGuire
2014-Cedric, Susie Clarke
2015-Bronson CR, Quinn Larimer
2016-Limboy Von Warrenburg, Nestledown Equine

The Harry Potter Trophy by Mary Ann & Tom Parmelee
The Cram Family Trophy
CC Mills Perpetual Memorial Trophy by Sandra Thomas

Junior Hunter
The Simply Red Memorial Trophy
Donated by Mr & Mrs Robert Thiel
2004-High Cotton, Jack Hardin Towell, Jr.
2005-Lasting Impression, Lee Tanenbaum
2006-Tarmara, Andrea Van Sheltinga
2007-North C, Meadowood Farm
2008-Jay-z, Ashley Ann Mc Gehee
2009-Take Away, Alise Oken
2010-Cool Blue, Lucille Oken
2011-Cool Blue, Lucille Oken
2012-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2013-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2014-Zazou, Quinn Larimer
2015-Nekton, Stella Martin
2016-Nekton, Stella Martin

Children's Jumper
The Harry Potter Trophy
Donated by Mary Ann & Tom Parmelee
2002-Harry Potter, Megan Lyles
2003-Miller Time, Katie McDaniel
2004-Algebra, Katie McDaniel
2005-Cortez, Aley Russell
2006-Mister, Pirtle Enterprises
2007-Le Beau Cheval, Meadow Hill Stables
2008-Omnistor, Ebert Tory Grauer
2009-Veredas Lady, Jordan Irvan
2010-Little Bear, Rebecca Cooley
2011-Linkrus, James Fisher
2012-My Wish, Amanda Ponseigo
2013-Stainless Steel, Anna Butler
2014-Couture Z, Traci Combs
2015-Bilbo Baggins, Anna Claire Smith
2016-Bilbo Baggins, Anna Claire Smith

Adult Jumper
Green Boundary Trophy
Donated by friends of the Club
2003-Jennifer Floyd
2004-McLaren, Deirdre Reardon
2005-Final Answer, Caroline Williamson
2006-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2007-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2008-Partizan, Juan Gamboa
2009-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2010-It’s All About Me, Kirsten Tillotson
2011-Cut the Cards, Caroline Williamson
2012-It's All About Me, Kirsten Tillotson
2013-Kipteen, Caroline Williamson
2014-Good Carma, Heather Crespo
2015-Ulises Car, Caroline Williamson
2016-Ulises Car, Caroline Williamson

Grand Prix Style Award
2009-Harold Chopping
2010-Michael Tokaruk
2011-Taylor Land
2012-Stephen Heinecke
2013-Harold Chopping
2014-Alex Granato
2015-Amanda Forte
2016-Fabio Andres Rodriguez

Young Jumper
Aiken Land Conservancy Trophy
2009-Boysterous, Danielle Grice
2010-Patent Pending, Kendra Bullington
2011-Stetson S, Joshton Dolan
2012-U-Turn, Maggie Sjoberg
2013-Morrison, Nancy Wetmore
2014-Calchen W, Page Tredennick
2015-Idle Dice, Dustin Ball
2016-Leonardo RGS, Page Brook Farm

Grand Hunter Champion
The H 'n D Perpetual Trophy
2003-Jericho, Christine Thiel
2004-Go Far, Missy Nolan
2005-Always Hope, Bruce Duchossois
2006-Remedy, Margaret Edge
2007-Princeton, Olyvia Graves
2008-Magic Darco, Anne Fehring Koch
2009-Scout, Caroline Clark Morrison
2010-Briland, Ann Rice Ervin
2011-Damocles, Janet Peterson
2012-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2013-Fieona, Kelly Maloney & Hardin Towell
2014-Caramo, Caroline Russell Howe
2015-Scripted, Pony Lane Farm
2016-Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms

High Performance Working Hunter
William Haggard Memorial Trophy
Donated by Danny Robertshaw & Ron Danta
1999-Dreamsville, Robert Hunt
2000-Classified, Annie Frasier
2001-Classified, Annie Frasier
2002-Winning Style, Anne Rice
2003-Winning Style, Anne Rice
2004-Winning Style, Anne Rice
2005-Take Away, Cortie Wetherill
2006-Sequel, Showcase, Ltd.
2007-Socialite, Lannie Lipson
2008-Magic Darco, Anne Fehring Koch
2010-Briland, Ann Rice Ervin
2011-Damocles, Janet Peterson
2012-Living Color, Robin Hughes
2013-Fieona, Kelly Maloney & Hardin Towell
2014-Caramo, Caroline Russell Howe
2015-Scripted, Pony Lane Farm

Children's Hunter
Chesterfield Court Trophy
Donated by Len Cherry & Tom Bossard
2001-Ursa Minor, Kendall Bartlett
2002-Deja vu, Anna Richter
2003-Independence Day, C. Buckley
2004-Devise, Maddie Gardner
2005-Veritas, Molly Boison
2006-Devise, Maddie Gardner
2007-Zen, Meadow Hill Stables
2008-Small Entourage, Caroline Ravenel
2009-Marvelous, James Fisher
2010-Channel Crossing, Winnie Davis
2010-Utopia, Mary Ruth Nagel
2011-Mariatchy de Cluis, Hallie Anderson
2012-Unlimited, Madison Johnson
2013-Escara, Emma Wilson
2014-Don Ramiro, Samantha Posey
2015-One Shot, Mason Heiges
2016-Grandeur, Madison Syfert

Finale Grand Prix
Miriam J Bushnell Memorial Trophy
Donated by The Bushnells
2011-James T Kirk, Abigail Walker
2012-S & L Shoefly, S & L Farm
2013-Romeo, Victor Segovia
2014-Mullaghdrin Rado, Page Tredennick
2015-Vancouver IV, Susan Strecker
2016-Cord 11, Meca Equestrian

Best Child Rider-Horse
The Aiken Spring Classic Best Child Rider
2004-Jack Hardin Towell, Jr.
2005-Kit Ritter
2006-Jack Hardin Towell, Jr.
2007-Jaime Steinhaus
2008-Sarah Ward
2009-Chase Boggio
2010-Molly Gardner
2011-Hallie Anderson
2012-Charles Smith
2013-Victoria Press
2014-Bergen Sanderford
2015-Eliza Fauntleroy
2016-Madison Syfert

Best Child Rider-Pony
The Aiken Spring Classic Best Child Rider
2004-Alise Oken
2005-Alex Butterworth
2006-Alise Oken
2007-Katie Dawson
2008-Lucille Oken
2009-Elizabeth Butterworth
2010-Rebecca Warth
2011-Elizabeth Butterworth
2012-Caroline Passarelli
2013-Caroline Passarelli
2014-Caroline Passarelli
2015-Abigail Holloway
2016-Celia Cram

Hunter Style Award
Bib & Tucker Trophy
Donated by William Howard, III
2005-Scott Hofstetter
2006-Hunt Tosh
2007-Daniel Geitner
2008-Brooke Baldwin-de Grazia
2009-Liza Towell Boyd
2010-Megan Young
2011-Chase Boggio
2012-Kaitlin Porath
2013-Julie Curtin
2014-Grace Howard
2015-Lauren Kissel
2016-Christina Jason

Pre-green Hunter
The Suphose Memorial Trophy
Donated by Willa Beasley & Anna Loebsack
2005-Nassau, Gina Mondell
2006-Ursula, Caroline C Morrison
2007-Comic Z, Casey Hodges
2008-Katarina, Alexis Stevenson
2009-Sunday Morning, Neill Sites
2010-Sunday Morning, Neill Sites
2011-Heartbreaker, Stephanie Saunders
2012-Marksmann, Marilla Van Beuren
2013-Smile, Tracey London
2014-Snapshot, Alexis Stevenson
2015-Raffle, Janet Peterson
2016-Confidant, Grace Angelino

Compassion for Animals
Mary Ann Parmelee Memorial Trophy
Donated by Danny & Ron's Rescue
2014-Matthew Bravo
2015-Wendy Arndt
2016-Megan Rosenthal


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